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Leptokaria- Great food - Great fun - Exciting night life - Best prices - Perfect Greece vacation Leptokaria resort (former fisherman village) is situated at the foot of Mount Olympus, the home of Gods by the Ancient Greek Mythology. It is located near ancient Livithra, allegedly the home of Orpheus, major figure in the Greek Mythology.

From the east it is wet by the blue waters of Thermaikos gulf. In this typical Greek village with the hospitable people you can enjoy unforgettable vacations. In Leptokaria you can enjoy the warm sun of Greece, the rich and wide seasides and the clean sea that invite you for a cool bath. You will have the choice to go fishing or to practice sea sports (actions are taken for the installation of a cable way water ski system).

The euro is the official currency in Leptokaria.

After you rest in the beautiful hotels or in rental rooms you can enjoy yourself in discos, cafe bars, restaurants or taverns for ouzo and retsina with a lot of fresh fish. For your shopping needs there are every kind of shops, and for your healthcare there is a health-center, a doctor, a dentist and pharmacies.

The resort has large roads and pavements decorated with exotic trees and plants such as palm trees. The beach is wide and clean, with soft golden sand, perfect for tourists to enjoy the sun.

In Leptokaria you can find both luxury hotels with private pools amd rooms to rent. Both of them are clean and confortable. Most of them are surrounded by lush vegetation.

The beach is equipped with sunbeds and beach umbrellas. Tourists can enjoy cool cocktails from the beach bars.

The water is great! It is warm and clean and there are not any dangerous sea animals near the shores.

How about going boating? It is possible. Touirsts can rent a boat or a yaght and go visit exotic islands nearby.

The center of the resort is very beautiful and interesting. It is full of souvenir shops and supermarkets. The hustle and buslte of the resort is observed mainly in the evening hours, when it is cooler and tourists go for a walk .

From its streets you can see mount Olympus, giving you a grat impression of mountains near the sea.

Leptokaria is very close to the National Road and you can reach it by car, train, airplane via the airport of Thessaloniki and by bus in one hour from Thessaloniki.

From here you can visit Olympus, the ancient Greek places of Dion, Vergina, Pella, the castle of Platamona, the valley of Tempi and the monasteries of Meteora.

Leptokaria - Great food - Great fun - Exciting night life - Best prices - Perfect Greece vacation